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How to Keep Your Grease Trap Clear The grease traps are interceptors reservoirs having various sizes and ensure building into a system of piping to discharge the long way area of production of grease. The traps baffles slows the wastewater flow making the turbulence reduction which allows the separation of water and grease. In general, the grease usually rises to the surface causing the trap to retain the grease and allow the grease free wastewater to pass through the sewer system. In addition, the grease removal needs to be conducted periodically. Grease trap is a grease capturing system that monitors the grease entry before reaching the lines of the sewer. The system of grease trap is applied much to many restaurant and cafeterias. The grease trap ensure the grease and oil capturing from the wastewater. The water floats on the top of a tank after the cooling of oil and grease. After cooling of water, it flows down through downpipe toward the sewer making baffles prevent the grease and oil to accumulate from passing out of the traps of grease.It is from the volume of the production of waste by your business that you can estimate the grease trap size.In addition, the times you carry your maintenance on traps is very essential. The installation of grease trap can be either inside or outside the apartment. However, locating a trap in the building will appear small and will demand frequent maintenance.However, the traps that are located outside the building seem to be larger thus disruptive in maintenance. Cold season can dispose traps to clogs, but in winter and summer the outside traps behave differently.However, the director of the business or the manager should have the knowledge of where the drain lines, clean outs and grease traps are positioned in the restaurant.
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In addition, when you consider thorough cleanliness and proper maintenance of the drain lines, grease trap the solids and grease amount will be reduced from moving into the system of public sewer, ensure the minimization of blockages, and back up options.Various sanitation municipalities and districts need periodic maintenance and grease traps and different inspection programs for businesses in specific. However, it is important to do the maintenance to prevent the pipe from challenges of clogs.
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Cleaning of the system should be carried on a regular basis especially the ones with no grease traps. The excess moved grease to the wastewater treatment plant can overload the system and ensure making the facility to carry excess discharge limits that are not acceptable.

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